‘The Day’ single – digital download




‘The Day’

New single The Day is a tribute to vocalist Kyle Lamley’s endurance through his struggles with mental health. He says, “The Day is a song I wish I’d written ten years ago, because it has helped me see through so much of my bullshit behaviour. It wouldn’t have meant anything ten years ago really, I was a different person, so here we are! Teenage Kyle was convinced he was going to join Kurt Cobain and Any Winehouse in a club that seemed a guaranteed way to get famous. That club, if you know about it, is respectfully called ‘The 27 Club’. Well, I made it to 27 and I’m still alive. Still struggling, still learning, but proving that my past self was thankfully wrong. Everybody always says that their latest release is ‘the best thing they’ve ever written’, but I would happily spend the rest of my life without writing another song if it meant The Day was going to survive and be heard by everybody who needs to.”